(Performance Stage)
RAM, 2023, chroma key wall, Korean traditional paper, objects, 500×400 cm

Dots transmitted analog

Dots transmitted analog, 2023, Korean traditional paper, Korean traditional ink-stick, Korean traditional bow, 160×140 cm

Various objects are scattered on a giant piece of hanji (Korean traditional paper), created in collaboration with An Chi-yong, a hanji artisan. Similar to how information is recorded by writing with ink on paper, the performance stage RAM maintains the state of the performance, where objects are held up on the paper, as if the words have been replaced with objects to create a recorded document.

On the stage of RAM, Lee Wan presents a performance using the manufacturing techniques of hanji, meok (Korean traditional ink) and bows that have been inherited over thousands of years. The performance of shooting a point towards a target made of hanji by dipping the arrowhead in meok recalls the beginning of a dimension starting from a single pixel or point. Lee Wan conceptually sets up a structure and delves meticulously into the process. Each time a performance takes place, the previous traces on the stage are removed and reorganized.

The performance stage RAM, which also symbolizes the exhibition title Random Access Memory, resembles computer RAM memory in the sense that the objects on the stage can be removed at any time.