Lee Wan
B. 1979, Seoul

Lee Wan is known for his diverse body of work, spanning sculpture, installation, documentary film, and AI-infused media technology. He delves into the impacts of globalization, capitalism, politics, history, and culture on individual lives.

Notable accolades include winning the ‘1st Art Spectrum Artist Award’ by Leeum in 2014, and representing the Korean Pavilion at the ‘Venice Biennale’ in 2017. Lee Wan’s collaborative partners include MOYNAT and Hyundai Motor’s ZER01NE and Cradle. His artworks are part of esteemed collections in institutions like MMCA, SeMA, Leeum Samsung Museum of art, and LVMH foundation in Paris.

Presently, he explores humanism from a trans/post-humanism perspective, investigating how AI and technological advancements reshape human existence and relationships.

Stephanie Rosenthal

(Present) Director, Guggenheim Abu Dhabi
Director, Gropius Bau, Berlin
Director, 20th Sydney Biennale
Chief Curator, Hayward Gallery

“He is very much an artist of the 21st century
and the way that he works is not in any sort
of way ‘retro’, like so many other artists.
I feel like he really knows how to use
different technologies and just uses them
according to his best interest.”
- Interview by Michaela de Lacaze, 2017

Artist CV

Lee Wan
B. 1979, Seoul

Dongguk university, M.F.A in media art, Seoul
Dongguk university, B.F.A in sculpture, Seoul

2015  26th Kim se-choong young sculpture award, The Kim se-choong commemoration Foundation, Seoul
2014  The 1st art spectrum award, LEEUM Samsung museum of art, Seoul
2009  2009~2010 ARKO young art frontier artist, Arts council Korea, Korea
2005  Joong-Ang fine arts competition, Seoul arts center, Seoul

LVMH foundation, Paris
LEEUM Samsung museum of art, Seoul
Cheongju museum of art, Chungju
MMCA(National museum of modern and contemporary art), Gwacheon, Korea
SeMA(Seoul museum of art), Seoul
National science center, Gwacheon, Korea
Ssamzie Theme Park, Heyris, Korea

Solo Exhibition
2023  Random Access Memory, Chapter.2 ‘Heir’, ACT Ground, Hwasung-si, Korea
2022  Random Access Memory, Chapter.1 Displacement 0(Zero), Plad, Gallerie X, Seoul
2019  Lee Wan solo exhibition-313 art project, Art Basel Hongkong, Hongkong
2018  Chicago EXPO solo exhibition and special event A billboard project, Chicago
2018  Counter Balance, Venice biennale Korean pavilion(Homecoming report exhibition, with Cody Choi), ARKO art center, Seoul
2017  Counter Balance, Venice biennale Korean pavilion, Venice, Italy
2016  A diligent attitude towards a meaningless thing, 313 art project, Seoul
2016  Discovery section, Art Basel, Hong Kong
2015  Silence in between, 313 art project, Seoul
2014  Made in, Doosan art center, New York
2014  Us and them, Project space SARUBIA, Seoul
2013  Oh, pure love, Daegu art museum, Daegu
2012  How to become us, AR festival, Paju
2011  How to become us, Art space Pool, Seoul
2010  Forlorn standard, Art space Hue, Seoul
2009  Life is widely spreading blood-red ripples, Total museum, Seoul
2008  A forbidden land, Miro space, Seoul
2005  Riding art, Gallery Ssamzie, Seoul

Group Exhibition
2023  The Irreplaceable Human, Louisiana Museum, Denmark
2023  On boarding, Sungkok art museum, Seoul
2022  Channel: Wave-particle duality, Changwon Sculpture Biennale 2022, Changwon, Korea
2022  Record city, Factory2, Seoul
2021  Not easy, 313 art project, Seoul
2021  The Chronicle of lost time, SNU MoA, Seoul
2021  Time Walker the time travel corporation, MOCA Busan, Busan
2020  Camp 2020, Camp Long, Won ju, Korea
2020  Collection, Space CAN Old house, Seoul
2019  Contemparary Korean art, LEEUM Samsung museum of art, Seoul
2019  What is contemporary art, Daegu art factory, Daegu, Korea
2019  Sugar industry, Madou triennale, Madou, Taiwan
2018  About the things you can’t throw away’, SNU MoA, Seoul
2018  Still alive, Cheongju museum of art, Cheongju, Korea
2018  The Dictionary of Evil, 1st Gangwon international biennale, Gangwon, Korea
2017  Continua sphères ENSEMBLE, Centquatre Paris, Paris
2017  Nomadic traveler, 5th cultural conversations: Korea-Indonesia, Edwin’s gallery, Jakarta
2017  Video portrait, Total museum, Seoul
2017  Lesson zero, MMCA, Gwacheon
2016  First sight in Jogja, Cemeti art house, Indonesia
2016  Nanjing art festival, Nanjing Baijia lake museum, Nanjing
2016  Questioning sustainability, SNU MoA, Seoul
2016  Art and the measure of liberty: The United Nations Turns 70, Baik Art, LA
2016  Art and the measure of liberty: The United Nations Turns 70, Permanent mission of the Republic of Korea to theUnited Nations, New York
2015  Jungle shoes report, Block haus, France
2015  Gwangju media art festival: The dialogur of light, BITGOEUL Citizen Cultural Center, Gwangju
2015  New conjunctions, Permanent mission of the Republic of Korea to the United Nations, New York
2015  Sphères 8, Galleria continua les Moulins, France
2015  Accidental encounter, SeMA(Seoul museum of art), Seoul
2015  Useless, Useful, Osan museum of art, Osan
2015  SEMA Salon, SeMA(Seoul museum of art), Seoul
2014  Burning down the house, Gwangju biennale, Gwang ju, Korea
2014  Please respond artists, Space O’New wall, Seoul
2014  Super romantics, Daegu art factory, Daegu
2014  Prime and surplus, Common center, Seoul
2014  Lee Wan - Park Kiwon duet exhibition, 313 art project, Seoul
2014  Sphères 7, Galleria continua les Moulins, France
2014  Deliberate tension, Cumin art center, Chungju, Korea
2014  Art spectrum 2014, Leeum Samsung museum of art, Seoul
2014  New icon, Salihara gallery, Jakarta
2014  Boundaries and transcendence, Pohang museum of art, Pohang, Korea
2013  Twilight, Absolute space, Tainan, Taiwan
2013  Love impossible, SNU MoA, Seoul
2013  Art farm project, Jim Tompson art center, Bangkok, Thailand
2013  Turning the State upside-down, Arts council Korea, Insa art space, Seoul
2013  Tireless refrain, Nam June Paik art center, Yongin-si, Korea
2012  Play time, Seoul culture station 284, Seoul
2012  Taste of life, Sungkok art museum, Seoul
2012  Confession, Ilmin museum, Seoul
2012  The pulse, Doosan art center New York, New York
2012  Confession, Ilmin museum, Seoul
2012  The pulse, Doosan art center, Seoul
2011  Korea tomorrow, Seoul art center, Seoul
2010  Biennale+1, Gwangju biennale special exhibition, Gwangju, Korea
2010  Asian emerging artist, Kim Daejung conventiion center, Gwangju, Korea
2010  The last amusement park, GMoMA(Gyeonggi museum of modern art), Gyeonggi-do
2010  Moon rabbit plays in the children’s gallery, MMCA, Gwacheon, Korea
2010  Mega stuff, Salonde H, Seoul
2010  Art & science , National science center, Gwacheon, Korea
2010  30th anniversary of the young Korean artists, MMCA, Gwacheon, Korea
2009  Visible hands, Ilmin museum of art, Seoul
2009  Dissonant visions, SeMA, Seoul
2008  Art at home, wonderful life, Doosan art center, Seoul
2008  Dialog in between, SNU MoA, Seoul
2008  Young Korean artists 2008, MMCA, Gwacheon, Korea
2007  London Okryukwan, Art house gallery, London
2006  Living Furniture, Busan biennale 2006, Busan
2005  Joong-Ang fine arts competition, Seoul arts center, Seoul

2019  Gallery PURPLE, Namyang-ju, South Korea
2018  Tsung-yeh arts and culture center Madou, Taiwan
2016  Cemeti art house, Jogjakarta, Indonesia
2015  Asia culture center residency, Gwangju, South Korea
2014  Doosan art center residency, New York
2014  New zero art space, Yanggon, Myanmar
2014  Gum-chon art factory, Seoul
2013  Absolute space residency, Tainan
2013  Jim Tompson art center residency, Bangkok
2012  Space CAN residency, Seoul
2011  SOLOMON artist residency, Seoul
2010  Chang-dong studio, Seoul