One Week

One week (AI Opera, Collaboration with 7keys: Kim Dae-shik, Kim Do-hyung, Kim Tae-yong, Kim Hea-yeon, Boo Dahae, Lee Wan, Choe Uzong), 2023, Chat GPT, Dall-E, D-ID, 11elevenlab, single channel video, 16m 30s

The collaborative opera, One Week, is projected across a massive 30-meter screen, chronicling a love story between an AI and a human. Except for the characters’ photographs, all elements of the production - including imagery, sound, movements, backgrounds, stories, and dialogues - are generated by an AI program. Through One Week, the artists throw into sharp relief questions about ‘creation’, long believed to be the exclusive intellectual domain of humans, and ‘emotion (love)’, which has been used to differentiate humans from machines.