Poem, 2023, “In the midst of an uncertain world, write a poem in Pushkin style that provides the comfort needed for humans who have to overcome difficult and lonely situations.”(Chat GPT), acrylic, dimensions variable


1.5Gb/1000kg, 1990s and earlier old books

Both exhibition halls, the R2 building and R5 building, feature bookshelves at their entrances. The shelf in R2 is filled with traditional, physical books dating back to the 1900s and earlier, while the shelf in R5 has no books at all. Instead, it is adorned with letters in the form of poems, specifically crafted by the author upon the request of Chat GPT.

These poetic creations displayed on the R5 bookshelf, along with the massive 1.5Gb/1,000kg of books on the R2 shelf, not only embody the physical transformation of information but also offer a glimpse into the potential future of humanity. A future where generative AI produces information beyond the data amassed by humans.

In times of doubt and troubled days,
Hold onto faith and do not sway,
For strength lies within, come what may,
And love will guide you on your way.

Though the path may be unclear,
And every step may bring a tear,
Trust that hope will soon appear,
And guide you through the darkest fear.

And when the morning sun does rise,
With new beginnings and new skies,
You’ll see that every step you’ve taken,
Has led you to a new awaken.

So take heart, my friend, and do not fear,
For love and grace are always near,
And in this uncertain world we roam,
We’ll find our way and make a home.