Recruitment of

Lee Wan openly recruited docents to assist with the exhibition, and selected individuals submitted only their portrait photos. Those chosen were compensated with docent wages during the exhibition period. An AI program was used to create the exhibition description, facial expression movement, and voice using the submitted face images.

"We are publicly recruiting docents to assist with the description of Lee Wan’s solo exhibition Random Access Memory Chapter 2: ‘Heir’. We are looking for three individuals for a unique work format without commuting, which is also an experiment on new hiring methods in the AI era. Rather than a real person explaining the works, we will use AI voice programs and deepfake programs to produce an AI-generated exhibition explanation, utilizing only the portrait of the person. Detailed information will be provided via Direct Message (DM). Please apply via DM. Thank you."

Docent 1. Lim Dongwoo
Docent 2. Kim Yujin

Docent 3. Gwak Myungsun